Kristine Follett

     I have a degree in music and I have been a Peoplesoft consultant for 18 years. The job has taken me all over the country on assignments and has given me a good life. I enjoy the "domestic pleasures" of being home these days and so I am excited to be engaging in these home businesses in partnership with my husband, Dennis.

Kristine  Dennis Tomko

     My education says that I am a biologist and I have "biologized" in places as awesome as the Grand Canyon. I have also been a cable TV engineer and system manager as well as a two-way radio store manager and the owner of my own cellular and satellite TV business. I have found my home in home-based business.


     We are excited about our emerging businesses which are featured here on the parent company home page. There will be more appearing on this page as we grow.

     Why have gone into the home-based business? One reason is that we have not yet won the lottery and we are too young to retire. But that would be denying the pride and satisfaction that we are getting from being in charge of our own destinies here. The economy is a real killer these days and we have taken steps to insulate ourselves from the factors that can damage a business that is simply our employer. We invite you to take a good look at each of the businesses that we have presented below. Please contact us with any questions or comments that you may have. Here is a good place to email us: